Top 10 Caravan Buying Tips

Whether you are buying brand new, pre-owned or building your individual, educating yourself on the basics of caravanning will take the guess figure out of acquiring the right caravan to suit your needs.

Safety of yourself, your occupants and other people on the road whilst travelling is the reason to arm yourself with all the correct information before investing in a caravan. Knowing a few simple tips can also save you 1000s of dollars worth of upgrades or even modifications down the track.

Ask Yourself:

1) What’s your Tow Vehicle Capability?

It’s not uncommon to your standard family car to get considered under rated, unsafe or even illegal to tow the new caravan you want to purchase. Knowing your tow car or truck capacity or tow rating will allow you to decide what fully loaded weight caravan you’ll be able to safely and legally tow line.

When you know the tow vehicle rating/capacity, think very carefully against about investing in a caravan very close for a maximum allowable towing weight rating as there are a variety of variables that can easily overload you or also de-rate/reduce the specified tow line vehicle rating, this can unintentionally put you into the ‘illegal and unsafe’ zone.

The ATM (Aggregate Trailer Mass) would be the total weight in kilograms of the fully loaded caravan. The ideal ATM of a caravan is defined by the caravan manufacturer and it is stamped on your caravans recognition plate. To be safe ensure that your cars tow rating is a least rated more compared to ATM of your caravan.

Think of the extra possible weight (luggage, fuel, camping products, caravan accessories, bike racks and application boxes etc) thrown into or mounted on your caravan whilst visiting, this could add as much as hundreds of kilos and has to be considered to comply with all the maximum ATM (Aggregate Trailer Mass) of your caravan and maximum GCM (Gross Merged Mass) rating.

The GCM (Gross Combined Mass) come in the tow vehicles features handbook. This is the utmost total weight of your car and caravan combined and it is set by the car or truck manufacturer.

Any extra weight applied to your stock standard auto (roof racks, camping products, boot luggage, extra spare tyres and even passengers) is added towards overall GCM which could possibly reduce the tow ranking, be sure to check your vehicle specifications. As a general general guideline, the heavier you create your tow vehicle the less you’ll be able to legally tow. Exceeding the ATM or GCM might make towing unsafe and avoid insurance and manufacturer’s warrantee.

One last little matter to make it somewhat more confusing but is additionally important. GVM is the Gross Vehicle Mass of your tow vehicle, this weight rating likewise cannot be exceeded first of all and would be aware of check before even taking a look at your GCM for protection, insurance and warranty good reasons – check the manufacturer’s features.

2) What is the Tow Ball Mass and also Tow Ball Weight Standing?

Tow Ball Mass would be the physical downward weight your caravan puts on your tow ball when hooked up. As a general general guideline for safe towing, the very least 10% of your overall caravan weight (ATM) must be on your tow basketball. (Unless otherwise specified by means of manufacturer)

Correctly distributing your caravan weight allows for safe towing. Having less than 10% of your caravans ATM while tow ball mass would be the major cause of unmanageable caravan swaying.

Common causes of inadequate tow ball mass are merely by loading too much gear/weight driving your caravan and mismatched elevation between car and caravan for the hitch point, both of which bring about your caravan to experience ‘nose up’ increasing to be able to sway uncontrollably.

Tow Ball Weight is the term for the horizontal pull rating of your tow ball. Make sure you check the tow ball weight rating of your tow ball that has already been fitted to your car or truck, this is not always rated to fit your vehicles maximum towing capability. For Example: 2. 5 tonne rated tow balls are commonly fitted to 3. 5 tonne rated vehicles – be sure to check.

3) What Terrain are you taking your caravan over?

Knowing what terrain you may be driving on will decide the suspension setup. You basically hold the choice of On-Road or even Off-Road type suspension having all single axle caravans. Tandem axle caravans offer On-Road, Partial Off-Road and Off-Road type suspension.

On-Road Suspension

Generally means non-independent and non-load sharing that’s OK for a smooth ride on sealed bitumen highways. Great for touring the primary ‘on the map’ places of Australia where Caravan Park hopping would be the plan of attack to your trip. The most economical suspension but the capabilities are limited. Do not make an effort to take an On-Road setup Off-Road – they are simply not designed to address the varying and typically corrugated Off-Road conditions. If your caravan has standard On-Road suspension from factory, then chances will be the rest of your caravan might also not be designed or even structurally sound enough to address these conditions either. (Corrugated roads are any killer for On-Road build caravans with this suspension a result of the minimal resistance to vibrations and also uncontrollable swaying)

A widespread example of On-Road, non-independent, non-load sharing would be the traditional Beam Axle suspension.

Partial Off-Road

For tandem axles solely that generally have possibly load sharing or impartial capabilities, but not each. It is important to spot what capabilities your Semi Off-Road suspension is designed for. Independent acting suspension will be what helps your caravan track behind you, minimising the particular uncontrollable swaying and vibration, in particular on corrugated roads. Load sharing suspension helps to spread the load evenly between the tandem axles when manoeuvring over larger dips and humps which helps prevent suspension component failure due to overloading. (Common caravan park speed bumps can temporarily overload one axle during a period without load sharing capabilities).

Total Off-Road

Fully independent and fill sharing suspension is what on earth is classed as Off-Road suspension. Independent means your caravan will certainly track better through corrugations although minimising vibrations. Load giving enables your caravan in order to safe and effectively manoeuvre over large dips and humps similar to speed bumps without overloading the axles.

Shock absorbers can be fitted to nearly all suspension types to help cushion the impact of sharp dips and bumps which also helps to track your caravan and also minimise vibrations (Simplicity suspension might not need shock absorbers a result of the reverse spring, independent and also load sharing design). The addition of shock absorbers may help improve the overall performance of your suspension, but only to the conditions your suspension is capable of, or designed for to start with. Adding new or beefing in the existing shock absorbers will certainly improve, but generally will not let you take your On-Road suspension Off-Road.

4) No cost Camping or Powered Caravan Playground Sites?

Knowing whether you are free camping or getting the convenience of a centric caravan park site or even both, will determine the formulate and configuration of the caravan.

Powered Caravan Playground Sites

This option gives you one of the most variety of choice with deciding on a caravan as you don’t necessarily have to be self-sufficient. Toilets, showers, laundry facilities, electricity, BBQ’s, world wide web, TV reception and running water can all be provided depending on the caravan park. The most basic of caravan setups can still provide a great holiday providing the particular daily caravan park site fees fit affordable.

Free Camping

The longer you travel the harder savings and freedom you receive with free camping since you are not spending your money on caravan park site fees. The catch is you have to be correctly setup to enjoy the same conveniences of the caravan park which may appear at a considerable preliminary expense.

More thought and consideration is required of your caravan layout to add the space for use and storage of the utilities and appliances.

Items to consider:

Electricity will require the provision for residential solar panels and batteries fitted and/or possibly a generator dependent upon your requirements. Toilet, shower and kitchen requires water tanks and pumping systems installed. A Satellite for TV reception and also a BBQ, grill or stove/oven with regard to cooking, not to mention the appliance and dryer for the full free camping setup.

Of course many of these things can already be installed when purchasing the caravan, it’s just a matter of exercising what things are considered important to your household and having the correct information to make an informed choice any time buying your caravan.

5) Size of your Caravan

There are lots of things to consider when determining the length of your caravan.

• Price!
• Size/capacity of tow vehicle.
• Number of men and women to sleep.
• The desire for space invading utilities: shower, toilet, kitchen etc.
• The desire for space invading appliances: TV SET, washing machine, microwave for example.
• The height of caravan for storage in a home garage.
• Fuel economy normally – the smaller, reduce and lighter your caravan, the better for your towing car or truck fuel economy.
• Ease of towing.
• General living advantage.
• Storage requirements.
• Quality of construction and its particular weight.

Generally when choosing the length of a caravan, there is actually always a compromise. It is advisable to work out what you can’t change or manage (like the minimum quantity of beds or the maximum height to suit in garage) as it’ll quickly form a system to base your judgements.

By writing down your ‘necessities’ as well as your ‘nice to haves’ you may be surprised how narrow the option of caravans becomes the particular further down the list you receive.

6) Materials & Construction of Caravan

Depending with your needs and budget, the materials and construction of your caravan can vary significantly in quality and selling price. There is always going becoming a caravan that is greater and better, but the trick is to discover the caravan that is built and created to an acceptable standard with the objective you intend.

Once you have worked out where you want to take your caravan, you’ll be able to confidently match the engineering requirements geared to. There are always new products and technology being introduced from the manufacturing of caravans (especially wall structure, ceiling and floor materials) which often all have their benefits and drawbacks. It is a good plan to familiarise yourself with what has been thoroughly tested over the years to help compare with new technology that could be considered suitable for your needs.

A few simple ideas

• Wood frame vs aluminum frame – Wood framework caravans are popular when they are generally cheaper to create and repair, but commonly lack strength, are at risk from wood rot and are slightly heavier in comparison to aluminium framed caravans.

• Composite screen, fiberglass, sandwich board, foam infill and also other similar type wall development – These wall development techniques definitely all have their particular advantages, generally (but not really always) strength, reliability, padding and weather proof features. The disadvantage is it is generally more expensive to purchase and repair these materials and can be heavier than the cheaper more prevalent alternatives.

• Aluminium cladding – Is used together with wood or aluminium framework caravans and is the commonest type of cladding as a result of availability, ease of setting up and repair, and the relatively low priced of material, but are inclined to dents and scratches.

• Chassis construction – A fantastic solid engineered chassis can be a critical component for any caravan, but with a compelling construction comes added weight. Hot Dip Galvanising may help preserve the structural integrity from the longer term by avoiding rust.

• Suspension – Match the terrain you want to travel (Bitumen, corrugated dirt or full Off-Road) with all the capability of the suspension, easy as that.

7) Study reviews of similar auto and caravan setups

It pays to read any comments or opinions by caravan owners having similar setups. There are generally always both positive and also negative reviews, tips and tricks that may give you that extra inside information that may persuade you to obtain confidently or sometimes moreover not to buy, helping you save time and money.

8) Condition of Caravan

Unless you are buying brand new, it is a good idea to get a in depth pre purchase inspection from a local caravan service/repair centre. This will give you advisable of the condition from the caravan and possibly save you 1000s of dollars down the track. Ceremony get professional hitching, towing and also combined car and caravan suggestions.

There are a lots of pit falls to keep clear of, here is a listing of common things to check:

• Make sure it isn’t stolen – View the particular registration papers, validate the owner and compare the (VIN) variety matches documentation.
• Any signs of normal water leaks or damage must be professionally inspected for solid wood rot.
• Rust and other structural damage can be a definite red flag.
• Inspect the general condition from the caravan for its age to be a guide to how it is treated. If it’s very nice condition for the age group or price, inspect the chance of the caravan staying superficially repaired and exclude any further structural injury.

9) Insurance

Don’t be left crimson faced (or worse) if something was to look wrong whilst towing the newly acquired caravan. Get insurance when you tow the caravan away to shield yourself from those inevitable outcomes we call ‘accidents’.

Remember that the insurance insurance plan won’t be worth the particular paper it’s written on when the legal requirements regarding caravan hitching and towing are not adhered to – check the manufacturer’s specifications with your car and caravan before towing.

Read your insurance plan, ‘full comprehensive accident cover’ and also ‘manufacturing fault cover’ are generally 2 different things – make sure you are covered for each, especially when water damage due to improper sealing is anxious.

10) Regular Maintenance

Visit your neighborhood caravan and service restore centre before venturing in those weekends away or even touring holidays. The professionals are there to ensure your car and caravan will be correctly setup, functioning properly and throughout road worthy condition ensuring a safe journey for your household.

A Perfect Weekend Getaway at Hua Hin Beach

Just over two hours away from central Bangkok and Suvarnabhumi International Airport is the seaside resort area of Hua Hin beach. Popularised by Thai royalty in the 1920s, it became Thailand’s first beach resort area. Now, its proximity to Bangkok and great variety of accommodation, attractions and beaches make Hua Hin beach a perfect spot for a quick but relaxing weekend getaway in Thailand.

Accommodation in the area can fit any budget range. From the simplest guest house to the most luxurious Hua Hin beach resort, there is something for everyone here. Recently, boutique-style resorts have become very popular with both Thai and international tourists. This kind of beach resort generally has many of the amenities of the bigger international chains as well as local design details and charm in an intimate setting. For example, the Anantara Hua Hin Resort & Spa is modelled after a traditional Thai village, while still containing a luxurious spa and two infinity-edge pools. Even though the beach area is so close to Bangkok, in places like Anantara, it is easy to feel that you have left the city behind you.

Apart from the shoreline in front of your beach resort, there are many beaches to explore in the area. The namesake beach boasts intriguing rock formations that give its name (“hua hin” means “head stone”), as well as the best sunrises for miles around. Neighboring Khao Takiab, seven kilometres to the south, includes a sea-facing 20-metre high Buddha statue, showing the way to a picturesque view of the bay and surrounding area. Just a bit further south of Khao Takiab is Suan Son, a Hua Hin beach known for its thickets of casuarina pine trees that line the shore’s sand. Further afield – but worth the trip – are Pranburi and Cha-am, two resort areas known for stylish accommodation and quieter beaches: perfect for a weekend getaway.

Once at the Hua Hin beach of your choice, what should you do? Fortunately, Hua Hin does not disappoint when it comes to recreation and attractions. While sunning yourself on the sand is always an appealing option, there are plenty of other activities for those who want to be more adventurous or active. Horse or elephant rides are perennially popular diversions and can be found at almost every beach. Of course, water sports are also crowd-pleasers – learn to wind-surf or kite-board one afternoon or explore the coastline from a sea kayak. If you prefer to remain on terra firma, the area abounds in world-class golf courses at which your beach resort can arrange for you to play, for nine or 18 holes.

After a day spent hitting the links or exploring the world underwater, you might need a relaxing massage or facial treatment to soothe skin exposed to too much sun. Luckily, Hua Hin is renowned as a centre for some of Thailand’s best spas, and it is easy to while away a Sunday afternoon with relaxing and rejuvenating treatments. After the spa, indulge in another form of therapy – shopping. The famous Hua Hin nightmarket is filled with fun goodies and great bargains. Post-shopping, treat yourself to some of the best seafood Thailand has to offer, brought in fresh daily by local fishermen. A weekend getaway at a Hua Hin beach would not be complete without the local seafood buffets along Naresdamri Road.

Labor Day Weekend Party Planning Decorations

Labor Day, as we all know, is a well-deserved holiday for hard working Americans. Those of us who know what it’s like to have a hard days night, fortunately, get a day to sit back, relax, and have some fun. In doing so, many of us like to throw a Labor Day party, but this requires several elements including invitations, decorations, food, and good friends.

To decorate for Labor Day weekend, there are different party themes you can try. As Labor Day is a national holiday, you can decorate according to a national theme. Try plastic flags to line your backyard for a BBQ, banners of stars and stripes to welcome your guests, and paper decorations with the colors red, white and blue to complete the look.

Though red, white, and blue go hand in hand with this holiday, don’t be afraid to add plenty of other color wherever you see fit. After all, Labor Day is the last holiday before the end of summer, so let in the vibrant colors of the season. Floral decorations are great for a Labor Day celebration. Bouquets of flowers can make beautiful and bright centerpieces to a table and can liven up the house for the holiday weekend. Fresh floral arrangements are welcoming and warm, ideal for this last holiday of the summer season.

Also, you can have an office themed party, to celebrate the working world. (Try using shredded office papers as a unique form of confetti!), or you can focus on other themes or decorations that will get you as far away from the office as possible on this much needed holiday break. Either way, with a few decorative additions to your party, you, and your friend, family, and coworkers are bound to have fun.

Mrs. Party… Gail Leino takes a common sense approach to planning and organizing events, celebrations and holiday parties with unique ideas for Labor Day party supplies and fun Labor Day Decorations []. She explains proper etiquette and living a healthy life while also teaching organizational skills and fun facts. The Party Supplies Hut has lots of party ideas with hundreds of free holiday printable games and free birthday party activities. Over 100 adorable Themes with Labor Day Party Supplies to fit your birthday celebration, holiday event, or “just because” parties is at the Party Theme Shop. Party themes include cartoon characters, sports, movie, TV shows, luau, western, holidays, and unique crazy fun theme ideas.

Weekend Gold Prospecting Mining Safety

Let me get started by saying that weekend gold prospecting and mining can be a lot of fun and some adventure for you and your family. You get out into the environment and get some sunshine and exercise which contribute to good health and robust living. Speaking of health the first thing that you should evaluate in relation to mining and gold prospecting is that you are physically fit to get out and hike and climb around areas that might be able to produce gold for you.

If you cannot walk or climb 50-75 feet without getting short of breath you do not belong out in wild country looking for gold. You need to limit your gold prospecting to areas that are within a short walking distance. Look for rivers, streams or desert washes that provide easy access for you and your equipment.

Some people say to me that they have a quad runner and a cell phone to get them out into gold bearing areas which is all well and good but if you have physical limitations you do not want to go out too far and alone where your safety could be compromised. Always go with other people who would like to go prospecting with you or with family members who will go with you. Always remember safety first. Some people take two way radios or cell phones with them to stay in touch with family members and or emergency services. However keep in mind that cell phones do not always work in mountainous areas and two way radios work best in line of site configurations. Radios do not work well around the corner of a group of giant mountain boulders. I know this from experience.

There are some other things to think about regarding safety issues. Are you in snake and scorpion country or in a place where there are red ants and Brown Recluse or Black Widow spiders? If you are then there are some other considerations that you should think about.

Since I live in the Southwest we have all of the above to contend with when we are out gold hunting. The first thing to remember when walking out in any wild environment is to make a lot of noise. Rattlesnakes are just as afraid of us as we are of them except for the Green Mohave rattler. The Green Mohave rattler can be very aggressive and actually chase you and bite you. Not all of them do this but enough of them do for me to provide you with this warning. So be sure to carry a walking stick to smack the bushes when you are making a trail down to your mining site.

Noise usually scares the snakes away or they will let you know where they are by rattling their tails at you. If you come upon one and it is coiled up looking like it could strike – stand still at first then slowly back away. I carry my walking stick in front of me in case I have to use a sweeping motion if the snake strikes to push it quickly aside and get myself away. The next thing is to wear leather gloves. I can think of several people that I know that reached above their line of site onto a gravel bench higher than their eyes and were bitten by snakes and spiders…they had no leather gloves on.

Now you are ready to go gold mining with any number of pieces of equipment that you can take with you. Beginners usually start with gold panning, or dry washing, sluicing, or high-banking. Others use metal detectors to try to find gold nuggets and gold veins or specimens that have broken off of gold bearing materials. All in all its fun and with practice and patience it pays off not just with gold in hand but with the adventure of it all.

P. Wooldridge is a small miner, weekend prospector and Registered Nurse. Her passion is to share her knowledge and skills with those who have never thought of prospecting for gold and with those that are actively doing it. Patti has written a how to manual for those who are interested in extracting gold from various materials like hard rock, micron gold materials, black sand and other sources. Take a look at her newest website and check out the spider bite that almost caused a man to lose his thumb.

How To Pull Off A Romantic Weekend of Camping On The Sabinal River

Romance is often thought of being marked with candlelight, fine linens, exquisite wines, and whispering sweet nothings into your love’s ear. Sure, that’s easy, but what happens when you have to up the ante with Sabinal River cabins as your backdrop & weekend camping as your “go-to” activity? Fancy cocktails hostesses in gowns will not save you.

But, why immediately decide that a more rustic setting can’t bring you just as high a romance quotient as a fine-dining atmosphere. It is all in the way you are able to make things work for your and your special someone. After all, the major factor in any romantic setting or getaway is the attention to detail, and a little Texas Hill Country camping may just be perfect.

The Sabinal River is known for having crystal-clear water and sits among canyons playing host to a number of native Texas trees. If you and your significant other are a fan of the outdoors, you’re in a for real treat. Not only are you in prime country for swimming, horseback riding, hiking, and cycling. Camping near the Sabinal is the ultimate playground, and sharing that playground is quite the romantic treat for you both.

In keeping with the outdoors theme, it would be a shame for you both to miss out on visiting the Lost Maples Natural Area. Home to the only maple forest in Texas, located up from Vanderpool, Texas on the Sabinal River, and with nearly 2,200 acres of great Texas scenery, Lost Maples is a must for your romantic camping getaway.

Make your weekend shine by spending just one night at The Old Town Utopia Bed & Breakfast. This little B&B is a quick drive from Garner State Park. Your quaint setting has the small town allure & the comforts of being home that a hotel can’t deliver. This little gem is sure to make the love light shine on both of you.

Since you’re so close to Garner State Park, be sure to pack you dancing shoes and head on over to “The Garner Dance”. You’re in Texas, and that’s official two-step country, so this is a perfect place to cut a rug with the one you love. Not only does this summer dance tradition date back nearly seven decades, it is a great way to spend a rollicking good time with your special someone. Keep in mind that this is a popular place for everyone to meet up for some fun, so get there early.

Finally, sometimes being able to get a little crazy & spontaneous with your other half is as romantic as it gets. Take a drive to the Uvalde County Visitors Center for some quick info on the area and where you can grab some barbecue at the Foothills Brisket Stop next door. Snap some selfies and smooch away with the delightful smell of smoke-ring heaven in the air.

Plan a Weekend Trip With Your Baby – Important Tips to Keep in Mind

If you have decided to take your baby for a weekend trip, you need to consider certain points in mind. It is exciting to take your baby out for an outing. At the same time, there are chances for you to feel anxious as it is his/her first trip. Many mothers feel worried while travelling with their baby for distant places. They would confuse several things in mind and wonder whether he/she enjoys the trip. If you travel once without any hesitation, you will get confidence to take your baby anywhere you go. Here sharing tips shared by mothers who have come across several hard handling and experiences.

Select a countryside resort:

Babies can feel the hassle around them. It is best to avoid party destinations since buzz with laughter and loud music could disturb them badly. Moreover, they would not feel comfortable to stay in such environment. It is recommended to select a calm and quiet countryside located near your city. Such places are ideal when travelling with babies. You need to plan a leisure stay instead of travelling from one place to another.

Choose a suitable homestay for your baby:

Most people think that babies do not recognize their bed and home. It is wrong. You can make your baby feel comfortable by creating a home just like your home. You can bring sheets, blankets and other stuff to offer the same home feel. Your baby feels better when they get a homelier feel.

Carry travel cot:

Ensure to carry your cute little one’s travel cot whenever you plan a trip. Nowadays, it is available in handy designs and models. It helps to make your baby sleep comfortable. When you spend time exploring, admiring and appreciating nature’s beauty, your baby can enjoy sound sleep in his/her cot.

Choose to visit a destination with open spaces:

At times, babies get claustrophobic. It is recommended to choose a place that is green and open than closed destinations like museums and malls for weekend getaway. You need to think of health benefits also. It helps your baby to grow up green friendly rather than staying in closed place and running away from bright sun.

Visit grandparents:

It is the best idea for weekend getaway. You can take your baby to grandparents place. If your parents are staying nearby, you can visit their home and enjoy the weekend there. You will feel delighted and relieved when you see your parents. Moreover, it is the best time where grandparents can cuddle their grandchildren. It offers a lot of relief from stress and worries. Think how much love they would shower to see your kid once in a weekend.

Rent an apartment:

If you have decided to go out for weekend, it is good to book an individual villa or apartment. You can enjoy ultimate comfort in an apartment. If you wish, you can cook, spend your free time as you wish and stay comfortably. It is an excellent option for babies.