Planning a Cheap Weekend Getaway Can Be Lots of Fun!

We all need a vacation getaway at least once in a year?. Someplace we can go and not have to be concerned about our daily routines and problems and work? However the effect of the latest economic downturn still exists in our wallets. So exactly how can we take that much needed vacation getaway on a tight budget?

Some cheap getaway ideas can definitely solve that problem. These cheap getaway ideas are perfect for a few days of enjoyment and relaxation, and significantly, won’t burn through our shrinking budgets!

So if everyone needs a break, where can we affordably go?

One option is a road trip and camp outing. What can end up being more enjoyable and more economics than touring by car to an unidentified location and staying there for little to no cost? Search for some locations where you can put up a tent such as by a lake, or a hiking lodge for just few more dollars. You can make it a cheap getaway with tons of activities, memorable barbecued dinners and sleeping bags!

Maybe you don’t want to travel far or at all. But by far, the most affordable option might be to simply remain at home and do absolutely nothing. No work, no chores – Nothing. Just stay in the house and enjoy the pleasures of home with no distractions Think of your home as a motel and stay indoors, play some cards or board games and just have some fun!

Amusement parks are usually one of the best cheap weekend getaway places for anybody, regardless of whether it is a couple or a family. The lodging can be inexpensive and there’s so much to do. If it’s close to home, so much the better!

Maybe you know a rich friend or a rich relative who’d put you and your family up for a few nights. Maybe they’ll let you use it when they’re not around. They might even be happy to let you watch it while they’re away! And its a good vacation for you too!

One cheap getaway idea can be a cruise believe it or not! Surprised? You might be simply because many people do not realize how many cruise trips are available at deep discount prices during the off-season. Cruises can be all price and if you can get one of those pay-as-you-use ones, the cost will become affordable.

Here’s another idea – a ski lodge. You can locate some lodges with fantastic prices that still seem off-season. You could go skiing, snowboarding and even hiking. And if you don’t like skiing, who cares? You and your lover can cuddle up and remain indoors!

Camping always works as a cheap weekend getaway for couples too! Beaches can be one of the best places to go with your partner. The extended romantic walks at night, together with the sound of the waves and the smooth water-soaked sand under your feet will bring back the romantic feeling.